Sparkling White Mirror Quartz Slabs

Sparkling White Mirror Quartz Slabs
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Sparkling White Mirror Quartz Slabs 

Quartz - Man-made product, crushed quartz mixed with additives, extremely hard, durable, scratch resistant, non porous surface, stain resistant, not heat resistant
Quartz is an abundant mineral on our planet. Quartz, the mineral, by itself is not stone. Stone is made up of one or more minerals. When we talk about ''Quartz'', also known as engineered stone or man-made stone, it is not solid quartz but is predominantly the natural mineral quartz (93% or more) that is crushed, mixed, and bonded with additives such as resin, cement and color additives. Thus, it is created and made by man using the mineral quartz and additives that give each ''color'' its unique look.

Slab Size:
3200 x 1600mm or 126x63"
3000 x 1500mm or 120 x 60"
3000 x 1400mm or 120 x 55"  
12mm; 15mm; 18mm; 20mm; 30mm
Flooring, Wall paneling, kitchen, bathroom, stairs steps
Slabs Package
By wooden bundle and 1x20' loading capacity
12mm thickness: 160 slabs 15mm thickness: 126 slabs 20mm thickness: 105 slabs 30mm thickness: 70 slabs


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