What Is Mongolia Black?

Mongolia black English name was first produced in Meng Chifeng, Jianping, Liaoning, later neimengjining's basalt have been mined, Mongolia black, belonging to granite, the particles are fine, polished yellow color is black but there is a little bit of the plate surface plate surface are also available with some white spots.

Later the surge in foreign trade in China, call external no uniform call, and foreign buyers are professional enough to black stone called China black, so now call it a mess, namely black, Feng Zhen Mongolia Hebei, Shanxi black, black, black and other pure black, China black stone called generally. For stone industry is different.

Mongolia black identification:

A concept, namely visualizing Mongolia black stone surface structure. In General, uniform fine structure with delicate texture of stone, stone for all; ranging from coarse grains and grain structure of stone look less effective. In addition, stone often owing to geological processes in which a minor crack, stone most easily along the fracture, attention should be removed. As for the edges are affected by shortage, particular attention should be given when choosing.

Er, that is, stone sizes, so as not to affect splicing, or cause a mosaic pattern, pattern, deformation of a line, affecting the decorative effect. (On this point, Mongolia black stone color difference is not an issue)

Three tins of which stone percussion sounds. In General, good quality stone tapping its clear and melodious; on the contrary, if slightly within the stone cracks or due to weathering resulting in loose contact between particles, tapping the gruff.

Four tries, which uses simple test methods for testing quality of stone. Usually on the back of the stone drops a small ink, ink will soon disperse Leach, indicates that loose stone particles or cracks, poor quality stone and vice versa if the ink droplet still, then the stone of good quality.