5 Pointers To Know When Maintaining Marble Floors

Marbles flooring add a striking beauty to any interior and enhance the luxury of the home to new heights.  Whenever you gaze at beautiful and glistening marble flooring, you are reminded of the luxurious exquisiteness that no other materials can replicate.  Maintain and experience the timeless beauty of marble with the following tips and keep your marble flooring good for many years to come.

A common misperception about Marble flooring that it is difficult to maintain.  However, it is not difficult to clean it at all.   

Tips: For daily maintenance, using a normal mop or soft cloth with water and mild cleaners will suffice.  Avoid using heavy cleaning products such as acids and alkaline liquid cleaners because these will get absorbed into the Marble floor and mar its natural glow and colour. Use mild cleaning products for daily maintenance will preserve the natural glow and striking beauty of the Marble surface.

The pristine beauty of white marble is arguably the prettiest sight when it comes to interior designing.  The following white surface with greyish veins transforms a mundane home to a luxurious abode that you would not want to leave.  But such a striking white surface is prone to accumulate stains very quickly especially if you have a large family or have children.  

Tips: Marble is very susceptible to acidic liquids such as fruit juice, cleaning products and coffee or wine.  Therefore, clean a stain as soon as possible so that it does not stay on that particular spot for too long, causing a permanent repercussion effect.

Small things can have large impact.  The dirt, sand and stains carried by dirty shoes can be abrasive for Marble floor and can lead to long-term damage.  

Tips: Having a simple doormat, rug or runner can do a lot to preserve the beauty of the Marble flooring by protecting it against any kind of abrasive materials that can cause damage to it.

Tips: To maintain the shine and glow of marble, it is essential to polish it at regular intervals.  Polishing decreases the absorbency of the marble and preserves its natural glow that is essential for long lasting beauty.  However, as polishing can also lead to thinning of the marble, do not carry out polishing too regularly.  If you polish smartly, then this beautiful marble stone would keep gracing your home for a long time.

Unlike Granite, Marble is a softer form of natural stone that absorbs liquid and gets stained more easily.  

Tips: To protect your Marble flooring against stains, it is highly advisable to use marble sealers to help create a protective shell on your marble floor and protect it from water damage.  Marble sealers are particularly essential for bathrooms and kitchens where water exposure is very common.