Smaller Kitchen Design Ideas

Many homeowners are now sacrificing space for quality, and nowhere is that more apparent than when it comes to kitchen countertops. Granite remains a choice that signifies high end, while white marble retains a timeless appeal, despite the fact that it requires more maintenance.


To capitalize, you’ll want to carry an inventory of slabs in a wide variety of colors. When it comes to smaller kitchens, many homeowners will opt, for good reason, to keep things bright and white. But white doesn’t have to mean dull or antiseptic, and whether it’s the sheer brilliance of something like Super White quartzite or a classic choice such as Calacatta marble, providing a wide selection will mean happier customers. Intricate veining can strike the right notes for many, while others will want a cleaner look. Fact is, nobody wants to compromise, and when people are choosing kitchen countertops, the choice is very personal. When they see the right slab, they know.

White Isn’t Always Right


White isn’t the only solution, however, in a smaller kitchen. Many people will select bright colors throughout the room and choose dark granite or engineered quartz for the kitchen countertops to provide contrast. Again, being able to present options in your slab inventory will create opportunities for more sales.


Make a Small Space Feel Larger


What else are homeowners doing to make small kitchens feel open and more expansive? In addition to countertops that are light and bright, open cabinetry continues to grow in popularity. It enhances the functionality of the space — there is a reason, after all, that restaurant kitchens use open shelving — and makes the room feel more spacious. While it requires attention to organization, it also allows you to display your favorite glassware, dishes, and collectibles.


Layout is also a critical component in smaller kitchens — galley, U-shaped, L-shaped — and choosing countertops that work well with each one is critical, since the eye is quickly drawn to them when entering the room. And no matter how big the space, just about everyone would like to find a way to make an island work. If a smaller one can be accommodated, it can make the space more efficient and productive, and a moderately sized island with a countertop fabricated from a marble such as Calacatta gives any kitchen a timeless appeal.