Is Marble A Good Choice For Countertops?

Marble countertops beautifies a kitchen with its sophisticated elegance and luxurious feel. But are marble countertops what you are looking for? Read bellow and find out more…..

Marble Colors

Marble countertops come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Its crystalized formation give marble a smooth and clean look compared to that of granite or even quartz. Marble comes in wide variety of colors and shades. From ocean greens, amazing blacks, dreamy yellows to whites and neutrals. Its veining gives marble countertops a unique character and sophistication. The most used marble colors for countertops are Carrara White and Callacata Gold.

Is marble a good choice for countertops?

Although marble may be softer than granite, marble is a safe surface for kitchen countertops. Here are the pros and cons of marble.


Due to its crystal formation, marble has an elegant, smooth look that cannot be duplicated by any natural stone or manmade product.

Marble is durable & heat resistant that will last for decades to come.

Marble is the best countertop surface for making dough.

Easy to maintain and with our 15 year warranty sealant, marble countertops are almost 100% stain proof.


Some marble colors are expensive. Due to its formation, marble may etch faster than granite. Therefore, a honed surface is recommended for countertops. Thus, etches can be very easy removed with a buffer of just a fine sandpaper.

Our thoughts on marble countertops:  Although most colors come in a mirror like polished finish, we recommend that HONED/MATTE surface should be considered for countertops. Honed marble is much kitchen-friendly. Our protective coating make HONED finishes much etch resistant and even if may etch, it will be almost unnoticeable.