How To Create A Fabulous Backsplash

If you want to make some change of your kitchen but do not want to have a big change, then changing your backsplash might be a great choice. Using different materials will bring different impressive results and fabulous finishing touch.

Timeless rock-solid beauty  

If you want elegance and style that can last for a lifetime then you should opt for a backsplash made of natural stone. The material is on the expensive site, however the investment is worthy because of its durability and timeless beauty.

 Marble is a material, which has been used and loved since ancient times and is an excellent choice for an elegant backsplash. There is a great variety of nuances and finishes of the stone that can match any taste and style. Besides, you can combine it with virtually everything – marble countertops or floor tiles, other natural stone tiles, wood, etc.  

Granite is also a universal option for a backsplash that easily combines with any kitchen décor. It is resilient and easy to maintain and if you choose a darker nuance it will add a dramatic look to the entire room. 

Tumbled stones such as limestone or travertine are very suitable for a kitchen style reminiscent of the old times. Their subtle, earthy nuances are ideal for a peaceful homey atmosphere.  

River stones backsplash 

If you like natural materials but you have a tiny budget to spend for your backsplash then you can opt for river stones that you can find in almost every gardening store. Then with some patience and a lot of grout and cleaning you will end up with a sleek looking river stone backsplash that will add a natural and rustic vibe to your kitchen.