Entire Stone Types Granite Marble

Dali stone existed in the Earth's crust rocks after high temperature and pressure within the Earth's crust is formed of metamorphic rocks. Role of crustal stress to the original rock qualitative changes which change in texture, structure and mineral composition of the rocks. After change the formation of the new rock known as metamorphic rocks.

Dali stone consist mainly of calcite, limestone, dolomite and serpentine. Its main component calcium carbonate, accounted for more than 50%. Because of the marble are impurities and calcium carbonate from carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, carbon, the role of water vapor are also prone to weathering and erosion, and make the surface very quickly lose its lustre. Marble properties relatively soft, it is relative to the granite.

Whole Dali stone grinding, polishing and crystallization of marble processing technology International referred to marble, with its natural simplicity's texture, bright and beautiful, are widely used in building interior walls, because of the loose marble material, texture soft water absorption rate is relatively high. More joint line, in the process, easily occur during transportation, installation and use of various forms of pollution and warpage, occurrence of volatile, affecting the decorative effect, so care is care for marble industries required course. The analysis compares the marble façade, nursing methods can be divided into:

The renovation grinding waterproof before first in order to make the stone absorbing water as little as possible, to lessen the stone water absorption law, 300# and waterproof, and at that time because grinding will cause the waterproofing effect of reduced or disappeared, conditions permitting, to do the best 800# a waterproof.

Encounter loose stone materials, such as baishamihuang, Sha rock, tropical rain forest, wood such as sealed curing agent to high content (such as super hard inorganic coating, the content of more than 40% silicone sealant) pre-treatment, stone filled loose while hardening the material.

Marble composition structure with the following properties:

(1) excellent decorative properties, marble does not contain radioactive and bright, rich colors, and is widely used in decorative interior wall, ground.

(2) has excellent processing properties: sawing, cutting, polishing, drilling, engraving, etc.

(3) the marble of good wear resistance, anti-aging, its lifespan is generally around 50-80.

(4) in the industry, marble is widely applied. Such as: used for raw materials, purification solvent, metallurgy, and so on.

(5) the marble is not conductive, not magnetic, stability and other characteristics.