Entire Stone Types Granite

1, form: granite is the underground cooling crystallization of magma, extrusive and intrusive, and the metamorphic rocks of granitic formation.

2, component: granite primarily composed of silicon dioxide, its content is about 65%-85%.

3, property: property of the granite is weakly acidic.

4, structure of granite structure is usually the point-like structure, coarse particles (silica), surface patterns distribution rules, high hardness.

5, due to special conditions of granite and a firm structure.

It has the following unique properties:

(1) has a good decorative properties, can be used in public places and outdoor decoration.

(2) has excellent processing properties: sawing, cutting, polishing, drilling, engraving, etc. The machining accuracy of up to 0.5 μ m below the luminosity of more than 100 degrees.

(3) good resistance to abrasion, 5-10 times higher than cast iron.

(4) small thermal expansion coefficient, not easily deformed, indium and similar to steel, temperature influence is minimal.

(5) the elastic modulus, higher than that of cast iron.

(6) the rigidity and damping coefficient, 15 times larger than steel. Shock-proof, shock-absorbing.

(7) the granite has a brittle, damaged local drop off, does not affect the overall straight.

(8) property stability of granite, not weathering, erosion resistant to acids, alkalis and corrosive gases, their chemical and silicon dioxide content is directly proportional to the service life of up to 200 years or so.

(9) the granite is not conductive, not magnetic, stability, and so on, a lot of excellent performance.