Trending Cabinet Concepts In The New Year 2018

When it comes to planning a kitchen or bath remodel, there are some cool trends that are sure to be hot in the new year.

Softer and Wider Range  of Whites

White remains a strong primary color for kitchens and baths; however, as we start to see more wood grain come back into kitchen design trends, stark whites can sometimes be a sterile contrast, and dusty or dirtier whites will have more impact as new styling trends emerge.

Rural Rustic Influence

The popularity of the farmhouse and weathered wood aesthetic will remain strong throughout 2018. The tones and textures that support these design elements have broad appeal due to their neutrality, simplicity and authentic design.The finishes reminiscent of sun bleached, the walnut wood grain and tones that support the aged wood look which brings authenticity to the modern farmhouse.

Usage-Specific Kitchen Storage

Generic, multi-use kitchen storage has been popular among consumers for quite some time. However, the trend toward more responsible buying for quality and function over quantity or fad-driven gimmicks (i.e. toasters that heat your bun and cook your hotdog) is changing consumer mindsets.

Modern homeowners are less concerned with catch-all cabinet caves and long-term storage of rarely-used small appliances; rather, they are more driven to look for high functionality and maximum efficiency through accessibility.

Pull-outs and drawer storage are key to these organizational trends, and brands are listening as they introduce integrated knife blocks and large utensil storage pullouts, pantry organizer pullouts with OXO dry goods air-tight containers, and pullouts for wall cabinets that sit above appliances where accessibility and visibility has typically been limited and underutilized.

These new products help homeowners overcome pain points associated with digging through drawers or into the backs of cabinets.

Color Represents Personalization

The universal use of blues and greens will continue in 2018 to be the go-to color choices, whether mixed with neutrals or used as the dominate cabinetry choice in bathrooms.