The use and hardness difference between marble and granite

When decorating, people always say "marble", "granite" ... ... What, but how much do we really know about marble, granite and? do you know what's the difference between marble and granite? if the budget, do you know which your marble and granite? so please come and see which expensive marble and granite.

The age difference between marble and granite

Marble is a metamorphic or sedimentary carbonate rocks. Organization of fine, solid, polished, color variety, has a beautiful natural color and less radiation. Not resistant to weathering, less used outdoors, its common and durable life span of 150 years.

Granite are magmatic rocks. Its main ingredients such as feldspar, quartz and MICA. Features compact structure, high hardness, wear resistance, pressure resistance, fire resistance and erosion resistance, has a certain amount of radiation. Pattern as grain markings and glowing MICA particle, its common and durable life span of 200 years.

The use of marble and granite difference

Overall evaluation of marble look better, and granite. General marble is softer, easier infiltration of dirty and need regular maintenance, not very good care. But because its pattern enrich, soft colors, and other advantages, will seem higher grade after the laying, rich and gorgeous. In general household use is more suitable. Granite high hardness and good maintenance. But give the feeling of a cold, generally with the outdoors or in public areas of the floor and walls.

The hardness difference between marble and granite

Hardness Mohs hardness of the stone as a unit of account. Marble because of the generally contains impurities, Mohs hardness of 3-5. high hardness of granite marble, Mohs hardness in 6-7.

The color difference between marble and granite

Pure marble are snow white, contains impurities, variety of colors such as black, red, yellow, green, and all kinds of patterns and spots like landscapes and flowers jade, patterns of exceptional beauty, granite is the oldest, most widely used, most used rocks. Granite color is generally pale, gray, grey, light grey, red, and Red more common.