What is The Relation Between Colors and Your Mood?

Are you feeling blue? Traffic got you seeing red? Are you green with envy over your neighbor’s new car? We use those phrases about color because those idioms are something we relate to in language. The average person relates color to emotions, and the color itself paints the statements in a way everyone understands.


If I use the statement, “it’s been a black day”, you automatically realize I am not happy with the goings on in my life that day. Thoughts of someone dying, or a family or work-related tragedy may spring to mind.


On the other hand, if I say, “today brought me a golden opportunity”, you would want to know what it was because you understand it made me happy and you might want to share in the joy. This is how we relate to color in our minds. But why? Actual research seems to be on the slim side, but there appears to be evidence that color literally affects our physiology.

Remodeling your home is a very intimate and intricate process and remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, or creating something such as a kitchen island is a creative journey that may be a task but excite your creative juices. Once you decide to remodel, your biggest task becomes deciding how to use your own tastes to create your own dream. That task can be intimidating.


The famous artist Pablo Picasso, and as many other great artists, realized this bond and used color to also paint emotion, not just the images. He had crisp grasp of how color could manipulate moods, some even raising heart rates. He once stated, “Colors, like features, follow the changes of emotions.” Take into consideration that some of his most influential and beautiful work came from his “blue period”.


One thing is certain however, while there is a basic consensus about certain colors evoking general thoughts, such as white representing purity, a lot about color is deeply rooted in our psyche. If you feel the same way, maybe classic white quartzite or white granite might be just what it takes to fulfill your creative vision.


You may see blue as calming, while your friend will see it as sad. Not just societal values and observations about color affect your thought about those colors, but your life experiences help formulate your feelings. If blue is something that fits into the purview of your vision, take a look at the granite countertop material called Arcobaleno Blue granite, that encompasses beautiful shades, veins, and striations throughout. Calmness is just a slab of granite away.

While there is enough data to substantiate what researchers believe, we can turn to concepts the Chinese seem to have known for centuries called Feng Shui. Feng Shui is a system of placing items in our environment in a manner to sooth not just our moods, but our life in general by channeling a positive flow around us that is known as Chi. It is considered a pseudoscience, but it is still widely believed in and practiced around the world.


It is very interesting Feng Shui has been around for 3500+ years, and even then they recognized the correlations between color and people’s moods. That is why it is important to choose the right colors for your home that will inspire you, make you feel relaxed and comfortable.


Your appreciation or dislike of a color is certainly a matter of your taste, but the tools available to you by slabmarket.com and marble.com can let you preview and assemble your vision from the comfort of your home. Take that laptop and set it on the existing countertop and start to create!