Stone countertops maintenance techniques and methods

1, daily clean

Whether it's hard or soft texture of marble are granite not wind resistant sand and soil particles of long wear, daily cleaning you can use ESP or electrostatic MOP thorough dusting and cleaning work to avoid using large amounts of clean water; entrance of commercial space it is best to place the dust pad, avoid shoes with sand grain abrasive stone, reducing the difficulty of daily cleaning.

2, immediately remove contaminated

Marble is a natural product, every stone has a natural pores, daily pollution sources such as tea, coffee, sauces, oils, ink, fruit juices and if not promptly cleared, easy to penetrate into inner layer of stone, resulting in deeper pollution. Professional stain-stain remover available cleared in a timely manner in order to prevent dirt permeating stone material causing indelible stains.

3, choose the right cleaning agent

Stone strong acid strong base as we all know, cleaning stones is not for the sake of ignoring detergent ingredients. General cleaners contain acid and alkaline, if used for a long time unknown components of detergents, will make the stone surface gloss loss, or may produce lesions.

4, protection and treatment is important

To keep the stone at its best side, barrier penetration of water and pollution, must be regular protective treatment. Protection construction must be maintained after the stone stone breathable and waterproof, stain-proof. Do not use unsolicited protective agent, so that not only are not up to the protection effect, increases the difficulty of stone maintenance.

Smooth natural stone needs air to breathe, and should avoid long term on the stone surface covered with carpet or other debris, or moisture under the stone cannot be volatile through the pores easily lead to excessive humidity, water increases disease problems will arise. Be sure to lay the carpet, piled up debris, irregular stones with fresh air.