Purchase Stone offers many advantages the did you know?

1, stone is a natural

Stone is a natural product, after cutting, polishing, just changed shape or form, and the material itself does not change. Tiles are fire-resistant, metal oxides and semimetal oxides, grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, through sintering process, and the formation of a acid and alkali resistance of porcelain or stone materials.

Much of its raw materials, quartz sand, clay mixed together, part of the chemical changes produced by artificial stone, sand, stones, mud through a chemical reaction after the formation of the new material.

2, almost the same price tiles

Buying tiles you can find workers after laying at home, but the natural stone requires processing before laying in the ground, so many customers think that price is more expensive than ceramic tiles of natural stone. In fact, in a cream-colored natural stone from Africa, for example, after processing the price approximately at about 700 Yuan per square meter, while the price of a similar color and texture of homemade ceramic tile is about 620 Yuan per square meter, so similar to the difference in price.

3, stone building highly practical

Stone material with superior durability and persistence, since ancient times, is the most important building and decorative materials, the world's best preserved ancient buildings are mostly stone buildings. Tile impact resistance is weak, fragile: whether it is in the process of production, transportation, installation, or use, ceramic tiles are very easily broken, loss, which is determined by the nature of its own raw materials, and cannot be changed.

In addition, in terms of wear resistance, stone products are far superior to the tile. Ceramic tile is easy to wear, usually after laying, families use edges wear occurs in about 6 months or so, 8-12 months tile surface may have a different degree of wear phenomenon; the general public use appears in 2-3 months edges worn, tile wear different degrees within 6 months.

4, decorative stone natural atmosphere

Natural stone because of its natural, chromatic aberration is relatively obvious, no tile and natural stone surface texture is rich, but natural stone tile effect is natural atmosphere, which is unmatched by tile.

Ceramic tile belongs to the later manual processing, and to some extent to avoid chromatic aberration, but the best tile has color, it is impossible to avoid the problem, this is mainly as a result of raw material and production restrictions.

5, stone cutting without limitations

Stone according to the different requirements of the abnormity cutting, tiles specification requirements, shape, making the limitations of larger. In addition, tile is due to temperature changes in production process or equipment and technology limitations cause length error on each side, (method: standard diagonal length will find different).

6, the stone material deformation

Stone takes the natural world, physical and chemical properties is very stable, low thermal expansion coefficient, rarely without variation of deformation caused by temperature changes.

Ceramic tile thermal expansion coefficients are relatively large, easily lead to deformation of the product, especially in the winter, prone to tile arch.

7, stone high safety index

Tile surface treatment make it produced during the use of friction is very small, so slippery; if the tile after absorbing the oil more slippery. Each year countless tile slip and falls of the elderly and children, and some even by 殘. Even agile young man sometimes will inevitably stumble fall---ceramic tile is too slippery.

By comparison, stone finish than ceramic tile, but is ideal for living, walking, does not present a security risk.

Surviving dependants 8, stone and warm in winter and cool in summer

On the decorative effect, each paving tile units and families are deeply feel the tiles in the winter cold! Many people suffering from rheumatic arthritis as a result of, not to mention the already old people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis in the cold and how bitter the doldrums all winter long.

Good stones like "Jade", the so-called "soft jade", for a good stone products, after the decorating can make people feel cooler in summer and warmer in winter, full of tenderness.