Granite’s natural ravishing look, diverse colors, intriguing textures, and durability make it one of the most popular choices for kitchen and counter tops across the globe.  Inherently it is a very sturdy material that does not require much maintenance, but a little care will ensure that your Granite surfaces remain in its optimal condition for a very long time.  Below we share some simple maintenance tips that would ensure you have a perfectly comfortable and luxurious home.

Granite has a natural strength and beauty that makes it a perfect surface for demanding areas of the house such as the dining room, kitchen and even bathroom.  This dining area has that amazing look and unique appeal that makes a great interior design.  The beautiful granite dining table top adds functionality and strength to enhance its beauty and excellence.  Tips: To ensure that this beautiful surface remains in perfect condition for decades to come, try cleaning the granite top daily with a soft cloth or sponge, warm water and a few drops of mild dish detergent.  Doing so would keep the surface polished and preserve its natural glow.

The classic combo of black and white has been around for a long time.  Interior designers who adopt this concept seek to remodel it based on their idea and vision.  This particular design goes for a simplistic and elegant approach.  The clean lines and crisp pairing of these beautiful shades creates a spectacular effect that you would instantly fall in love with.  The beautiful granite countertop carries some interesting textures that add further depth to the interior.  Tips: Besides daily maintenance, it is also advisable to carry out heavy cleaning bouts for a thorough maintenance, which would ensure a longer lasting granite surface.

Tired of the usual black and white combo and want to be different?  Then try this striking design that has a simple yet intriguing look.  The glossy black granite surface matching the solid reddish cabinets is absolutely amazing to behold.  Tips: If your granite countertop has heavy stains that are not easily removed, using a poultice can help.  But do be aware that extended uses of poultice may compromise the natural glow of the granite countertops.

Although Granite is heat resistant and can easily withstand high temperatures but constant exposure to changing temperatures (Thermal heat) can still damage the stone surface.  Tips: It is highly recommended to use a trivet or coaster for hot-off-the stove pots and pans, especially when they will be sitting out for a long time.  Do not put hot pans or electric ovens directly on the granite surface.  The following design opts for an elegant single toned black granite surface that creates a perfect contrasting effect with the white walls and wood texture.

Granite is also popularly used in bathrooms.  This striking design has a simple yet intriguing look.  The beautiful white surface filled with classy black texture is absolutely amazing to behold.  Tips: Do not use regular household cleaners such as glass cleaner, bleach or any other abrasive chemical on your Granite surface.  The acidity and other chemicals contained in these products will degrade the sealer and can etch the Granite leaving the surface more vulnerable to staining.