How to Maximize A Small Kitchen Using Color

Since small kitchens are cramped and tight, countless information exists on how to enlarge the space using open shelving, recessed lights, and accessories. However, color enlarges the area too. The right shade fools the eye into believing the area is larger than it appears. In addition, color creates personality and style. Transform a small kitchen into a large space with these tips.

Draw Inspiration From Countertops

To invite countertops into the kitchen, find one color in the countertop to add as a primary color in kitchen design. Marble, quartz, gtanite,and stone cabinets come in endless colors and designs, and pulling a color from the countertop ties the countertop to the kitchen. A nice brown, white, or gray would make a neutral base for walls. It can also be a standout shade for cabinets and drawers if homeowners select a lighter shade for the walls.

Paint Walls And Cabinets The Same Shade

Manipulate borders visually by unifying cabinets and walls with the same shade. This trick erases boundaries by blending cabinets and walls together, making the space appear larger. The obvious shade is white or beige, yet dark colors such as brown, black, navy, or gray achieve the same result. While homeowners can use one color for everything, two similar shades work exceptionally well.

Create An Accent Wall                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

An accent wall in other rooms creates a focal point with personality. In kitchens, the backsplash replaces the accent wall's purpose. In terms of walls, an accent wall's purpose is to enlarge small spaces. Certain color combinations assist in enlarging the area. A dark accent wall with the rest being a light color enlarges the area nicely.

It's important to choose two or three shades for kitchen design as too many colors equal indecisiveness and disorganization. With these tips, color can enlarge the area without a sweat.