How to install the white marbles?

White marble elegant and luxurious, but the texture is soft, is a precious stone. The representative of white marble is calacatta, volakas white and Ariston white. In the process of processing and installation if you do not pay attention to prone to macular and other issues, so we all love and hate her.

How to maintain the original appearance of white marble effect? The following points in the process of processing and installation must pay attention to.


1 Tap water processing

White natural marble is more fragile, unlike other colors of marble; usually the factory use recycled water, but numerous times during the process of doping with other ingredients, make white stone processing pollution; so we need a one-time use of Tap water during processing, to guaranteed the stone is not polluted.


2 Tap water cleaning

While the processing is completed, using clean water to clean the finished products; getting them air-dried to prepare well for the next step.


3 Protection

Marble needs to do chemical protection treatment (waterproof is divided into two kinds of oil and water), there are pores on marble surface, and the water penetration into the marble 2 to 4 mm inside, forming a protective layer of dry film, so that moisture or other Liquid can not penetrate the marble surface and interior.

Drying:marble requires internal and external dry to waterproof, if not dry to do waterproof, waterproof will lock the inside of the water inside; will slowly form and color inconsistencies before processing. During prolonged use, moisture will not evaporate.

Waterproof three times: No matter what kind of waterproof brush six sides are required, and after naturally air-dried, brushing again until repeated three times to meet the protection conditions. It takes 1 ~ 2 days for the sunny time in the time interval, and longer for the rainy days. Some manufacturers have air-dried heating processing room, so that the marble get faster drying. Three times waterproofing is aim to cover the parts that brush uneven or missing.


4 Adhesive Backed

Adhesive backed can be a protection, and increase the bonding and reinforcement strength during installation; it needs to take off the back network before the back adhesive process, it will weathered delaminating after a long time.


5 Site installation and cutting

Many of the drawings that measured at the construction site can not be finished well during the fabrication at some corner openings and need to be field cut again. The cutting part on site has already destroyed the factory's protective treatment, and the on-site installation master needs to do the waterproof on the secondary cut to prevent secondary pollution.


6 Wall installation

Wall installation is mainly divided into wet paving and dry hanging two installation process

1. Wet paving: Toilets and kitchen where use water often generally use the wet place paste technology, use the special stone clay to paving, which is to play a good adhesive with the adhesive paste. (Not recommended to use ordinary white cement to pave the wall marble)

2. Dry hanging process: Whether it is the wood bottom or steel point hanging process, mostly are installed in the mixing of AB glue process, the two glues are not strictly in accordance with the ratio of 1: 1 uniform mixing; when the glue did not get uniform mixing , the gypsum chemical composition of the facade is completely cured. The unhardened chemical components destroy the adhesive or water on the back of the marble and slowly penetrate into the stone, after a long time there will be macula on the surface of the stone, which can not be removed.


7 Floor paving

The installation of the ground is to use 1: 3 semi-wet mortar and white cement to bond the paving process, but also rely on the adhesive and white cement layer to glue; The protective effect of back glue isolates the hydrochloric acid moisture of the cement into the interior of the marble

8 Installation gap treatment

During the installation process, the gap must be kept clean for the preparation of the future crystal face care; to avoid crystal face filler when the second cutting gap, thus breaking the previous waterproofing process, the white stone is particularly sensitive to glue, and color changed if not carefully.

The gap of wet paving, it needs to clean up the impurities of the facade while the cement is not completely dry.

Many installers, during the dry hanging installation process, like to put a little marble glue into the gap of second plate to fix, but do not know that when do the care of the crystal face, just because of fixed glue, it need to cut and file the white glue, which also undermined the waterproofing, but also affect the appearance of the gap.


9 Installation site protection

The installed white marbles need to protect with a plastic film. First use self-adhesive tape to clean the gap sealed, and the wet paving wall and the floor need to wait until the inside installation materials completely dried before putting on stickers; and then cover marble surface in a large area with a protective film, to avoid two secondary pollution or damage caused by other processes of construction.


10 Surface care

Surface care is the last process, usually when the decoration is completed and is ready to enter the furniture. Surface care is the physical result of high-speed revolution to form a 0.5-2 mm crystal layer, and the gloss is 90-100, which is with a non-slip, waterproof and anti-pollution effect.