How To find defects from natural granite

Natural Granite is widely used in building decoration including flooring tiles, wall cladding, kitchen tops, Work tops and bathroom vanity tops. But people know, the natural beauty always bring some defects including veining, colors and features. So how to find the defects from the natural granite on your countertops is very important for the effect!

1. You need to check the uniform color firstly. If there are some spots, marks, seems not belong to the natural Granite Slabs or tiles, that it must be the defects. The professional manufacturer will try avoid it during cut to size. If that is hardly to avoid base current size, we still have another way to solve it, we can drill them out and put another piece for replacement. This need workers will have very good skills on it.

2. The resistance test, some natural granite is very easily to pollute with many liquids like wine, juice, vinegar and others. Stone factory will put some chemical products on it we call sealer. This can delay the using age for granite.

3. The cracking on granite surface. Some cracks are hardly to find on granite, they are natural parts of granite tiles or slabs. Stone factory will need to re-polished, use glue filler and other materials to fix these problems.

4. Easier broken granite, some granite is very easier to breakage during processing, transportation and installing. The stone fabricator will do mesh backup on granite or fiber glass backup on the broken parts. This can save materials.