How To Cleaning And Maintaining Manufactured Stone Veneer

Cleaning: To remove dust and debris off the face of the stone veneer, use a dry whisk broom and lightly scrub the surface. The stone veneer can also be cleaned with water and a soft bristle brush. 

Sealing: Some customers like to utilize sealers to help protect the stone against dirt build up and splashing water. Only breathable penetrating water-based silane sealers should be used following the manufacturers specifications during all applications. Sealers are not required, but will help protect the stone against harsh weather. Note: Sealers may darken or alter the appearance of a stone after applied.

Removing Efflorescence: Efflorescence is a natural process caused by water moving through concrete to the exterior surface. This migrating water can cause salts and minerals to be deposited on the face of the concrete unit, creating a white filmy substance.

De-Icing: Do not subject manufactured stone veneer to contact with de-icing materials, salt, or other harsh chemicals unless they are specifically designed for use with lightweight cement products. Prolonged exposure to these conditions may discolor the manufactured stone veneer or result in surface damage; which may void the warranty. Cleaning efflorescence can be done by lightly scrubbing the face of the stone with a soft bristle brush and water. In some cases a 25% vinegar 75% water solution may need to be used.

Note: Do not use any harsh methods of cleaning to remove efflorescence including: pressure spraying, acids or wire brush scrubbing. Some forms of efflorescence may be difficult, if not impossible to remove.