Hottest Trends This Year: Stacked Stone Veneer

Exterior stacked stone veneer is promising to be one of the hottest trends for 2018, allowing homeowners to enjoy the old-world charm of a stone home without the time-consuming and expensive labor. Exterior stacked stone veneer is a thin layer of stone, or a stone-like substance, used to decorate in place of whole stones. If you love the nostalgic look of a stone home but don’t have a lot of time or money to spend, exterior stacked stone veneers may be the best solution for your home.

Natural Stone Veneer Benefits

Natural stone veneers have a very authentic look. They’re the closest thing you’ll get to real stone if you’re not buying the genuine article. However, that authenticity comes at a price. Natural stone veneers are the most expensive type of exterior stacked stone veneers, although the price gap between natural and manufactured stone veneers has narrowed in recent years. Natural stone veneers also need professional installation, so you’ll need to add the cost of trades people to the bill. It can all be worth the investment though, as natural stone veneers have been proven to increase resale values.

They also save homeowners money while they’re living in their property. The stone adds an extra insulating layer around the home, which traps the heat inside in winter and keeps your house cool in summer. That means it’ll take less power to make your house feel comfortable, so you should notice your utility bills dip. Natural stone veneers are also made to withstand the elements. Limestone veneers are particularly resistant to harsh weather and very low maintenance.

Choosing the Right Exterior Stacked Stone Veneer

Your budget and personal tastes are likely to guide you toward natural or manufactured exterior stacked stone veneer. But once you’ve chosen the choice of veneer, your job isn’t done. Both natural and manufactured exterior stacked stone veneer is available in a range of colors, although manufactured exterior stacked stone veneer is available in a greater variety of hues than natural stone veneer.

Black and gray are conservative choices that appeal to homeowners with classic tastes. A limestone look is more daring. Don’t be afraid of its mottled aesthetic if you want to make a splash with your exterior stacked stone veneer.