Granite Tiles in the Home

It’s been touched on before but there are many uses for granite tiles. The name alone is tough, it’s just an added bonus that the actual material is incredibly durable as well.

Its rise in prominence is in many ways because it is the hardest building stone.

This can be attributed to the fact that is an igneous rock and the fact that is resistant to weathering, capable to take mirror polish, great patterns & colours.

There are many primary attributes to granite tiles. It is amenable to cutting and shaping, can be made into thin or thick slabs and is durable.

These type of characteristics are what separates it from marble, travertine, limestone and Italian marble tiles.

Additionally, they are soft and stain resistant, two things house owners would be glad to hear. Floors may occasionally get a bit dirty but it is hard to notice.

This has an overall positive effect because less maintenance and care has to be put into the tiles overall which means one less thing to worry about in the house!

Now that it has been stated the many properties and advantages of using granite tiles, it’s easier for us to state the use of these tiles as now a greater understanding has been formed of what makes a granite so unique.

Granite is used a lot in kitchens, in particular bench tops, counters, Tiles in the house as well as counters, elegant trimmings bookends & even tables. This is in stark contrast to limestone tiles.