Different varieties of stone the origin of the name

A kaleidoscope of colors of stone, from the color can be classified as: red, yellow, white series, black series, Brown series, grey, beige, green series, the blue series, which very few marble blue series, is very expensive.

1, national provisions on the stone named:

Origin of the place name, pattern color description marble such as Hang Fei Sichuan red marble, granite, Jiujiang Blackboard rocks and gravel in Guizhou province;

2, has been naming rules:

A. name + color: such as Fuding black, Jinan-Qingdao, China Red, Italy fume and the United Kingdom, Brown, United States white linen, Shanxi black;

B. origin or image name: Huian rocks, Fuzhou Shoushan Stone;

C. image + color in the pattern color naming: like Tiger, big flower green landscapes, Moonlight, Gold Coast, Gold Diamond, such as Rosso Antico, Malachite Green, Dragon Wall, large flowers green, Garnet, Red Sun, black gold, sand, spray white, gold, yellow and so on;

D. color + texture name: such as red, cream, gold, the Emperor gold;

E. based celebrity name or title + color: such as red Guan Yu and XI Shi Hong, General red, Royal Red, etc;

F. transliterated names + color: Royal Botticino, suofeiyamihuang, Bianco Carrara etc;

G. other names.