Analysis of factors influencing sheet recovery the main eight

1. material factors

Slabs of color lines, stains, cracks, stains and other defects on the recovery effect, of this type of flaws tilt toward greater than straight toward the recovery.

Regular lines include: straight lines (such as gold, yellow and so on): this kind of texture to the best parallel to grain processing, such as grain greater impact on recovery. Spiral: the lines as grain processing, otherwise affect the recovery. Twill: the lines to better due to length and width can be changed by grinding back line going.

Irregular grains, commonly known as wild grain (such as snow white): If no strict requirements on the lines, the lines to Board recovery is high.

No obvious lines (such as the white gravel): this kind of texture to minimal effect on recovery.

2. plate color

Plate color greater impact on recovery, and often the volume. Same plate left and right, up and down, block and block, tied with cable ties are likely to produce chromatic aberration. Procurement and material, it should be under control, and maximized with color are basically the same, tone natural transition in adjacent areas, can't jump-chromatic aberration.

3. the large size factor

Stock plate and the cutting-board works best to separate, more targeted. Dimensions are not eligible and cannot choose a different material, on the large plastic blocks before sawing, reserved for removal of excess to improve recovery. Many projects match process, and reduces waste.

4. human factors

Human processing errors generated by waste products such as size cut short, angle reversed, modeling error will result in a lower recovery.

Choice of materials, discharge without fine calculations will seriously reduce the recovery. Should be based on careful material selection, layout of the whole project, matching the length, width combination to find ways to improve the recovery.

Adhesive repair technique of workers does not cross the border, resulting in defects need to avoid processing and reduces recovery. Strong training excellent adhesive repair technique is crucial.

Workers ' lack of consideration when cutting, encounters a surface change does not correctly handle also reduces recovery. Stone is a natural product, in particular non-granite patterns and colors vary, needs workers on how to selectively composite and positive thinking and calculation of after processing.

Delivery too urgent, do not have the luxury of time to calculate material, material selection, nesting can also affect recovery. It should advance communication, accelerated information transfer, training a skilled, experienced finish or is particularly important for improving the recovery operation workers.

5. poor communication between sales and production are also factors affecting recovery

Sales or production staff incentive policies will also indirectly affect recovery. Specific performance:

The same material put together;

Block cutting board put together;

All slabs of smooth consistent;

Plate marked at both ends, avoiding material two runs;

Should have a space between the tie and tie, easily observed surface.

6. quality requirements

More stringent quality requirements lower recovery.

Through the production site before installation of paving (line color) guarantees the same tone was basically consistent tone natural transition in different regions, reduce waste, improve recovery.

7. Drawing scale factor

Field personnel should know in advance of setting out stocks slab size, without affecting the appearance and installation of targeted segmentation size reasonable in the context and improve recovery.

Insofar as possible, to provide a complete picture of three orders: namely, floor plans, elevations, diagram, process in order to facilitate the production of integrated materials, flexible, drawing the more detailed, complete, grasp the material more accurately, the better.

8.Sales staff with clients to negotiate before details of the stock material, and to facilitate communication with customers in a targeted manner. Material when an exception occurs, it should actively liaise with the customer, grasp customers ' real intentions. Site should be installed with the installer for more disclosure, required pavement in strict accordance with the factory serial numbers and mosaic installed in the direction of the arrow, to ensure that the pattern, color harmony, interface consistent, reduced construction waste.