4 Outdoor Natural Stone Veneer Trends

When you plan to focus on your home's exterior, as well as the backyard, it's important to consider what the current trends are. While you may not be thinking of it right now, this update to your home will increase the value, "curb appeal", and be a permanent fixture for years to come.

Modern, Clean, Linear Designs: People are moving away from convoluted, chaotic designs, in exchange for simple, professional looking stone veneers. Deciding which stone products work for you is a personal decision but we're seeing a lot of ledgestone being used for these projects.

Outdoor Kitchens, Fire Pits, Pizza Ovens.... The outdoor kitchen scene is exploding right now. Whether it's a "pre-fab" installation or something custom, we are receiving many orders for our thinstone veneer to be used for pizza ovens, grills, fire pits, and other outdoor cooking ideas. It's a fun way to make your backyard or patio a place for the family and friends.

Matching Interior and Exterior Designs: More and more consumers are using the identical designs and materials that they used on the interior on the exterior of the home. This creates a consistency in design and helps to connect the inside of the house with the outside.

Use of Natural Thinstone Veneer. The shift away from faux stone is a real one. People are looking for a product that will last, is affordable, and looks great. Thin stone veneer is great because it's easy to install, is natural, and is built to last. That's one of the reasons we put some much emphasis on quality.

As always we encourage people to do their homework when selecting a natural thinstone veneer product. Natural stone is made to last so this should be a project you do once. If you're not happy with the stone it can be costly. After doing your own research speak with your mason, contractor, architect, or anyone else involved in the project. They can help provide expertise so you make the right decision.