2018 Xiamen Stone Fair

The 18th Xiamen Stone Fair will be held on March 6-9, 2018 at Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition   Center,China. The total exhibition area will be 180,000 with over 2,000 exhibiting companies from 56 countries and regions all over the world. Four different areas will help the visitors to find target products quickly: Domestic Stone Area, International Stone Area, Machinery and Tools Area and Outdoor Area.

The products categories will comprise of, Natural stone for interior use, facades and exterior use, Conveying, transport and packaging Services, Gravestones and accessories, Garden stone, Artificial stone, Fixing, maintenance, preservation and restoration services of natural stone, Machinery, plant and tools for quarrying natural stone, Machinery, plant and tools for processing natural stone, Machinery, plant and tools for moving and installing natural stone, Machinery, plant and tools for manufacturing diamond tools, Granite, marble and tiles, Slabs and blocks, Stone carved crafts, Tomb stones, Stone mine exploitation equipments, Diamond impregnated saws, Polishers, crocuses and abrasives, Chemical technologies and equipments for stone maintenance, Monitoring and measuring apparatuses, Stone processing machinery.

China Xiamen International Stone Fair was founded in 2001. Making full use of rich stone resource in Fujian Province and Xiamen port advantage, Xiamen Stone Fair develops rapidly and become the largest professional stone exhibition in the world. The purposes of this fair are to: display new products, new technology and equipments, create business opportunities, improve the communication of global stone industry, so as to promote for the development of the whole stone industry and increase trading volume.

The success of Xiamen Stone Fair makes Xiamen famous as "global stone center", which is helpful for the development of local economy and the progress of the exhibition industry. On one hand, the abundant industrial resource makes contribute to the development of Xiamen Stone Fair; on the other hand, Xiamen Stone Fair was held each year successfully, which also bring facilities for local companies to exploit global market, learn about the latest technology and trends. The matured mode of Xiamen Stone Fair has brought Xiamen city rich exhibition experience, helped to give full play to regional advantage and cultivate more featured conferences and exhibitions, and forcefully stimulated local economic growth. Drawing on this successful mode, Xiamen keeps innovating and makes improvement to progress toward the International center of conference and exhibition.